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by Dr. Gary Dickey

Thomas Proctor Pearsall (1834-1866), son of Thomas Pearsall and Lydia
"Liddy" Gardiner and grandson of Uriah Pearsall and Rebecca Whitmore
(parents and grandparents of Hempstead, Long Island, NY), has been a
hard-to-find ancestor of Prince Edward County. His wife, Cynthia Priscilla
Parliament, was born 2 April 1839 in the log house on her father, James
Harvey Parliament's, farm (Lot #71, Concession 4) at Mt. View (near Roblin
Mills), .Ameliasburgh Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada,
Ontario. The Parliaments settled in the County in 1788. In 1987, along with
my cousin Mildred Wanamaker and her daughter Jean Reid, we viewed the farm
land where Cynthia was born. Today, the original log cabin is gone, but
there are still to be seen traces of cabin logs on the property. Cynthia
married Thomas Proctor Pearsall ca. 1857 and had three children: Lenora
Octavia, Wellington L., and Guilford Parliament Pearsall.

Thomas Proctor Pearsall died 30 May 1866 at the age of 32, and three years
later his wife, Cynthia, remarried to Benjamin Jaques who had just lost his
wife. Her daughter Lenora and his son John, step-children to one another,
were to later marry, and one of their children, Myrtle Jaques (born in
Salem, Northumberland County), was my grandmother.

Finding a residence and death place for Thomas Proctor Pearsall has
been difficult. His death place and date is established from his mention in
his wife's, Cynthia Parliament Pearsall Jaques, obituary notice. A burial
place for him has not yet been established but it is thought he may be
buried in Mt. View Cemetery, Ameliasburgh Township, because other relatives
are interred there. No stone has been found there and no monumental
inscriptions for Ameliasburgh has so far recorded a stone for him. His
residence was located somewhere in Ameliasburgh Township. This is known
from a Memorial of Deed dated 8 December 1858 between "Stephen and Smith
Doolittle and Marshall Parliament, Thomas Proctor Pearsal, Cynthia
Priscella Pearsal, daughter of James Parliament [deceased], of

The picture of Thomas Proctor Pearsall and Cynthia Priscilla Parliament I
have of them is special because it is the only known one of the two,
thought to have been taken on their wedding day, so dated approximately
1857 (but no later than 1866 when he died); therefore, it represents a very
early picture of some of the pioneer families of Prince Edward County to be

Written by Dr. Gary Dickey
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Volume 18, Number3, September 1998
QUINTE BRANCHof the Ontario Genealogical Society

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