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Pearsall Book Vol. II; pg. 667

Section 8, Divison O

HENRY PEARSALL of Willsbidge and Southwark, London, son of John Pearsall, was born March 14, 1762; died November 24, 1830; married May 12, 1793, Mary Wintle, daughter of Thomas Wintle and his wife Sarah Goodchild. On his marriage he was read out of the Society of Friends and became a member of the Church of England. She died January 5, 1842, and was buried with her husband at St. Alphage Church, Greenwich.
  1. -John Pearsall
  2. -Henry Robert Pearsall
  3. -William Pearsall, born circa 1802-3; died an infant.
  4. -Mary Pearsall, born February 12, 1797; bapt. at St. Saviours, Southwark, London, March 1797; died 1865, unmarried.
  5. -Sarah Pearsall, born December 31, 1798; bapt. at St. Saviours, Southwark, London, January 1799; died 1872, unmarried.
  6. -Ann Pearsall, born April 28, 1804; married December 20, 1828, at St. Alphage, Greenwich, Carles Wooderson of Norwood Surrey. She died 1854 at Norwood. Child:- Bessie Wooderson, who died aged 7 years. No other children.


JOHN PEARSALL, son of Henry Pearsall, Chapter 18; Section 8, Division O, was born January 6, 1795; died 1840 in Tasmania, Australia. He married November 1824, Mary Holmes. They emigrated to Australia in 1835. She died at Eaglehawk, 1875.

  1. -John Pearsall, born March 17, 1826; King Street, Cheapside, London; died October 11, 1852, in Tasmania, Aust.; married-----. No Children.
  2. -Mary Pearsall, born June 24, 1830; died November 24, 1852; married March 4, 1852, Edward Mathews of Chipping Norton, England. Child:-Boy who only lived a month. Later her husband left Australia for England.
  3. Z-Thomas Persall, born May 30, 1834, in Kent Road, England; died August 20, 1900.(See this Division.)
  4. -Robert Pearsall, born September 3, 1835, on the barque John, on the voyage to Tasmania; died August 20, 1912; married at Eaglehawk, April 17, 1869, Sarah Caroline Luck, who was born March 5, 1845, at Dulwich, Surrey, Eng. He was one of the founders of St. Peters Church at Eaglehawk, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Children:-
    1. -Harry Thomas Pearsall, born at December 10, 1870; died July 20, 1910.
    2. -Caroline Mary Pearsall, born April 3, 1873; married September 30, 1907, George Dolman, of Whipstick, near Bendigo; resided at Kanagaroo Flat, near Bendigo. Children:-*1. Jean Pearsall Dolman, born August 20, 1910; died February 17, 1911. *2.- Robert Lucas Dolman, born August 22, 1911. *3.- Jack Preston Dolman, born December 21, 1912; died February 10, 1915. *4.- Elsie May Dolman, born January 6, 1915.
  5. - Eva May Pearsall, born May 15, 1875.
  6. - Elsie Maude Pearsall, born September 17, 1880.

John Pearsall and his wife, two sons and a daughter, the oldest son, John, being left behind in England, arrived at Tasmania, in England, about 1840. John Pearsall died in Tasmania. The widow married again in Tasmania to William Lear. After a few years all of the family came over to Melbourne to live. There were no children by this second marriage. Mary Holmes was born at Chappel House, Chipping Norton. Her father Mr. Holmes was the first stage-coach proprietor.

*Z. THOMAS PEARSALL, born May 30, 1834, Kent Road, Southwark, London, England; died August 20, 1900, at Bendigo, Australia; married November 11, 1853, at the Independent Church, Melbourne, Aust., Matilda Woods. She was born April 13, 1839, at Hunter River, Sydney, Australia, daughter of Sgt. Major Woods of Yorkshire, England, who bought himself out of the army and married Ann Hinton Hill who lived at Landhord, Dillon Station, Tasmania, and who was born at Bombay, India, and came to Austalia with Lady Ashburner who was touring Austalia. Matilda Pearsall died at Sydney, New South Wales, March 7, 1918. Childre:-

  1. - Thomas Pearsall, born January 15, 1855; resided at Albury, New South Wales, Australia; married 1st. Mary Stevenson; married 2nd. Gussie Selbs, He married 3rd. Adeline Trenchar. Children of 1st marriage:-
    1. -Percival Thomas Pearsall, married_______. 5 children. Served in 13th Battery, 5th B, 2nd Div. A.F.A. Returned to Australia gassed.
    2. -William Charles Hutton Pearsall, married ______. 2 Children:
    3. - Isabella Matilda Florence Pearsall, married_________Lucas: 1 Child.
      children of 2nd marriage:________
    4. - Herbert Edward Pearsall, married_________. No family.
    5. - Ada Henrietta Pearsall, unmarried
    6. - Arthur Henry Pearsall, unmarried.
      Children of 3rd marriage:-
    7. - Gordon Trenchard Pearsall, unmarried
    8. - Douglas Lear Pearsall, unmarried
  2. -Mary Pearsall, born November 15, 1856; married Samuel William Beall. No Children.
  3. - Robert Pearsall, born June 17, 1860; married Louisa Walters, August 4, 1879, at Bendigo, Australia. She was born May 20, 1863, at Chilten, Victoria, Australia. Children:
    1. - William Joseph Pearsall, born October 7, 1902, at North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    2. - Beryl Theresa Pearsall, born May 9, 1905, at Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
    3. - Elsie May Pearsall, born January 11, 1908, at Ascot Vale, Victoria, Aust.
    4. - Louisa Josephine Pearsall, born February 11, 1911, at San Francisco. Calif., U.S.A.; died July 1, 1914, at San Francisco, Calif.
    5. - Norman Edward Pearsall, born September 25, 1914 at San Francisco, Calif., U.S.A.
  4. - Robert Arthur Pearsall, born September 3, 1882, at Albury, N.S.W., Aust.; married at Johannesburg, South Africa.
  5. - Norman Audrey Pearsall, born August 29, 1884, at Albury, N.S.W., Australia; unmarried
  6. - Matilda Pearsall, born October 21, 1862; married John Roberts. Child:- Percival J. Roberts, served in army in France, in 8th Reinforcements, 21st A.F.A. He was wounded in action.
  7. -John Henry Pearsall, born February 24, 1864; died December 4, 1910; buried at Bendigo; married Beatrice Button. 2 children.
  8. - Charlotte Ann Pearsall, born April 11, 1866; married Frederick Bunton. Child:- Norman Cyril Bunton, served in the War with France in N.C.O. 56th Battery, 14th Brigade. Returned to Australia, wounded.
  9. - William Holmes Pearsall, born March 22, 1870; married Mary Gardiner. No children.
  10. - Alice Maud Persall, born March 18, 1874; married Gedeon Bunton, brother of Fred Bunton. No children.
  11. - Samuel William Pearsall, born September 22, 1877; married Zoe Abner Blackler. 3 children.
  12. - Francis George Lear Pearsall, born October 30, 1880; married Nancie Hallett who died March 4, 1914. He then married her sister, Nellie Hallett. He served in the War with France in B company, 3rd Battalion, A.S.F

Only a few weeks before her death Mrs. Matilda Pearsall wrote as follows:-

When I was a child of 7 years I remember Melbourne when it was all Bush and Wattledaub Houses surrounded with Blacks, they used to chop wood for my mother for a basin of soup. After a few years they got very cunning. They wanted Black money meaning coppers and after that they wanted "sic a pen", meaning sixpence in silver. I lived in Big Bourke Street, Melbourne when I was a child on my people's own property which went up in value and was sold by my late step-brother. I remember the people going to the diggings in Bendigo on bullocks waggons and after many years I went to the diggings to live with my late husband and family of three children. I had the pleasure of seeing the great explorers Burke and Wills leaving Bendigo, Victoria to explore other parts of Australia. My second son Robert was a baby at the time.

I remember a dreadful day called Black Thursday which was caused by the Bush fires, the people thought it was the last day and they went to the creek and knelt and prayed and read their Bibles. The Bushrangers were very bad at that time. They tied men to trees and robbed them of their gold and stuck up the gold escort and shot the police. I saw the first shipload of German immigrants that arrived in Melbourne, half of them were musicians. I remember Bateman Hill, the first powder magazine was there guarded by soldiers. The Fortieth Regiment came to Melbourne when I was a girl of 14 years. I had the pleasure before leaving Melbourne for Sydney, New South Wales of seeing the American Fleet leave Port Melbourne. I do not thing I will have the pleasure of seeing many more sights. I will be 80 years old on the 13th of April next. I have not a grey hair in my head and still have my memory.

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