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Clifford E. Pearsall

This is the Clifford E. Pearsall family, of Westfield, NJ, with his wife, Grace Caroline Moffett, son Donald Moffett Pearsall and daughter Dorothy Pearsall (my grandmother). Clifford, or "Kip", as he was called was the son of Alfred Everson Pearsall, the owner of Pearsall News Agency on Wall Street, and crooner extraordinaire! A collection of photos of the Pearsall family in Westfield and Melrose, FL, taken by Kip's brother Leigh Morgan Pearsall, is available at by clicking on the Photo collection and searching for Pearsall. Others in the family include Ralph Cornish Pearsall, Jay Herbert Pearsall and Ruth Pearsall (siblings to Kip).

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Updated: June 8, 2009