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Everson Pearsall flew with the 23rd Fighter Group during WWII. (The Flying Tigers)

The 23rd was formerly known as the 23rd Pursuit Group; the name was changed to the 23rd Fighter Group shortly after their arrival in Karachi, India, May 1942.

Before returning to the U.S. in December 1945, the 23rd had destroyed 621 enemy planes in air combat and 320 on the ground. It sank more than 131,000 tons of enemy shipping and damaged another 250,000 ton. It caused an estimated enemy troop loss of more than 20,000.

Everson's nick name is Vitamin. It seems that he was ill with yellow jaundice for 58 days and he lost a lot of weight. When he rejoined the squadron in Kweilin, China the operations officer stated that he "looked like an advertisement for vitamins". The name stuck and to this day his squadron mates still refer to him as Vitamin.

Everson "Vitamin" Pearsall pictured with his P-51B. The man standing next to him is Lt. Phil Dickey. Phil was the armaments officer and painted artwork on the airplanes for the pilots.

This picture with a P-51D with the nose art "Little Joe" shows a group of 4 men. Pearsall is 2nd from right and Phil Dickey is 2nd from left. Pearsall flew this airplane and my uncle painted the nose art.

The 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron's flight line in Laohwangping, China, June 1945. This was the squadron Everson flew with in combat. They were assigned to the 23rd Fighter Group, 14th Air Force. The 23rd FG was formed from the original American Volunteer Group (AVG), the "Flying Tigers", under Claire Chennault.

Photos are a courtesty of Bob Bourlier. Web Birds

Pictures of Everson Pearsall are used with the permission by Everson Pearsall.