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G. Frank E. Pearsall

Picture of WALT WHITMAN by Frank Pearsall

Mr. G. Frank E. Pearsall, the well-known photographer, at No. 298 Fulton street, is a native New York City, having been born in Cherry Street, November 23, 1841. His father was John A. Pearsall life-boat builder and a man of enterprise, who was the first in his life to use steam power; and who died of pneumonia at the age of thirty-three, having contracted a cold while out on Long Island Sound on a yacht. His mother was of the numerous and respectable Long Island Family of Duryea.*(see Note)

Left an orphan at a tender age, Mr. Pearsall spent a portion of his childhood in the family of an aunt living in Saratoga, N.Y., and during a few years attended the public schools there and in New York. When only eleven years old, he began to learn the rudiments of his profession with his uncle, T. Duryea, once a photographer of Williamsburgh. Two years later his uncle removed to Australia, where he has since resided. With the assistance of their mother, Alva A. Pearsall, then aged fifteen years, and G. Frank E. Pearsall, aged thirteen, continued operations in the gallery formerly of their uncle about a year, when the elder of the two went to the West Indies, leaving the home interest in care of his mother and younger brother, who kept the establishment open a year longer. About this time Alva A. Pearsall returned, and soon the two brother bade adieu to Brooklyn, spending the greater part of the following eight years in Cuba and various towns in the West Indies, in Carracas, Venizuela, and elsewhere, only visiting Brooklyn occasionally and never remaining long. Returning at the end of the period mentioned, Mr. Pearsall was employed by Gurney, the celebrated New York photographer, from 1862 to 1868. During the year 1863, in connection with his brother, he conducted a velocipede school and dealt in velocipedes on Broadway, New York, at the corner of Twenty-third Street. The following year he was again in Mr. Gurney's employ.

In 1870 Mr. Pearsall established a photographic gallery at the corner of Fulton and Tillary Streets, Brooklyn, removing, two years later, to his present location. Mr. Pearsall, as also his brother, Alva A. Pearsall, may be said to be in a great measure self-taught in his art. To it he has devoted the best years of his life and much careful and well-directed thought; making, from time to time, several important improvements in photographic processes and apparatus. As an artist he takes high rank; he is a member of the National Photographic Association, and his name is know well and favorably to the profession throughout the United States and Canada.

Mr. Pearsall is president of the Brooklyn Archery Club, and in 1881 was secretary and treasurer of the National Archery Association. He is also prominent in the Fountain Gun Club, and is a member of Commonwealth Lodge No. 409, F. & A. M., and of Orient Chapter, No. 138, R.A.M. He was married March 6, 1866, to Elizabeth Conrow, of Brooklyn. They reside at No. 29 Strong Place.


Henry Pearsall was one of the original proprietors of Hempstead, L.I., N.Y.
. HENRY PEARSALL was born Est. 1598-1627, and d.July 1667. He married
Ann Pankhurst Est 1624-1667*
*Former wife of Moyles Williams.

PEARSALL BOOK REF:{30-1} vol 11.

Children of Henry Pearsall and Ann Pankhurst are:

  1. George Pearsall b. abt. 1628-1673; d. abt. 1667-1751
  2. Daniel Pearsall b. abt. 1628-1668; d. abt. 1641-1747
  3. Thomas Pearsall b. abt. 1638-1667; d. abt. 1692-1752
  4. Nathaniel Pearsall b. abt. 1649; d. October 24, 1703, Hempstead, LI, New
    Netherlands (NY).

GEORGE PEARSALL was born abt. 1628-1673, and died abt. 1667-1751.
He married ELIZABETH WILLIAMS abt. 1653-1708, daughter of ROBERT WILLIAMS.


  1. Henry Pearsall b. abt. 1659-1702; d. abt. 1699-1783; m. Martha xxx,
    abt. 1685-1738. Henry took Martha back to England with him where Hezekiah
    was born.
  2. *George Pearsall, Jr. b. abt. 1667-1702; d. abt. 1727-1785, LI, NY; m. UNKNOWN.
  3. Elizabeth Pearsall, b. abt. 1656-1711; d. abt. 1671-1790.
  4. Sarah Pearsall, b. abt. 1656-1711; d. abt. 1671-1790

NOTES:Pearsall Book Ref:pg.1200(37:1)"George son of Henry (Chapter30, Sec.1) is buried in the graveyard
on the farm where he lived, and all his people for several generations lie there beside him. Gravestones there are none, the few gravestone there were having some years ago been removed to the yard of the Searingtown
M.E. Church. The farm recently became the grounds of a mansion on the edge of the hills overlooking the plains,the owner whereof has planted the old graveyard with a clump of evergreens so that the dead may not be disturbed.

*GEORGE PEARSALL resided at Herricks, Hempstead, L.I., N.Y. He married ______

Children of George Pearsall and ________:

  1. *Nathaniel Pearsall
  2. Samuel Pearsall
  3. John Pearsall m. Hannah Sands
  4. A daughter, N.N., married Jacob Fowler

    *Nathaniel Pearsall resided at Searingtown, L.I., N.Y. and Clinton Township
    Duchess County, N.Y.; married December 17, 1735, Sarah Todd at St. George's
    Church, Hempstead, L.I., N.Y.

    Children of Nathaniel Pearsall and Sarah Todd:

    1. *George Pearsall b. December 31, 1739
    2. Henry Pearsall b. 1741
    3. Hannah Pearsall b. Aug. 19, 1743
    4. Sarah Pearsall
    5. Joseph Pearsall
    6. Mary Pearsall m. an Indian Chief (her captor)

    Nathaniel Pearsall was named executor of Edward Sands of Hempstead
    will dated 23rd, 11th mo. 1745. He was Overseer of Highways in Hempstead, 1755. {Hempstead Town Records,
    Volume 4, page 218}

    *George Pearsall born December 31, 1739 at Herricks, now know as
    Searingtown, L.I., N.Y. died Dec. 3, 1825; buried in Old Pearsall farm
    in Saratoga County, N.Y. He married first, October, 1766, Magdalene
    Shear. Second, 1814 Deborah Killey or as the family have it
    Deborah Case, the supposition is that she was a widow.

    Children of George Pearsall and Magdalene Shear:

    1. Nathaniel Pearsall b. August 25, 1767
    2. Peter Pearsall
    3. Sarah Pearsall b. Oct. 30, 1770
    4. Joseph Pearsall b. Jan. 19, 1772
    5. Margaret Pearsall b. Oct. 06, 1773 m. John Tompkins
    6. Henry Pearsall b. May 6, 1775
    7. George Pearsall b. Oct. 10, 1776
    8. Elizabeth Pearsall b. March 15, 1778; died April 6, 1860
    9. Hannah Pearsall b. March 17, 1780 m. 1799 Bartholomew Allen.
    10. Mary Pearsall b. April 1, 1782
    11. *John Pearsall b. June 14, 1784
    12. Margner Pearsall b. Oct. 19, 1786
    13. William Pearsall b. Oct. 12, 1788
    14. Phebe Pearsall b. May 13, 1791 died March 7, 1781

    No children of Marriage to Deborah Killey.

    *John Pearsall b. June 14, 1784; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    married at Pleasant Valley, Duchess Co., N.Y. Sarah Adee daughter of Hubby Adee
    and his wife Elizabeth Gildersleeve.

    Children of John Pearsall and Sarah Adee:

    1. Amanda Louis Pearsall b. May 26, 1807; m. first William Rider
      married second, Eli Rood.
    2. Susan B. Pearsall b. Sept. 10, 1808 m. Thomas H. Tompkins
    3. Tamerzine E. Pearsll b. 1811
    4. *John Alva Pearsall
    5. Althenie Adee Pearsall b. May 20, 1817 m. Seaman Weeks

    *John Alva Pearsall born March 10, 1815, died December 09, 1846;
    married Mary Eliza Duryea.

    Children of John Alva Pearsall and Mary Eliza Duryea:

    1. Alva Adee Pearsall, born December 8, 1839; died February 19, 1893
      married July 25, 1868, Mary Melinda Conrow.
    2. *George Frank E. Pearsall born November 23, 1841; married March 6, 1866
      in Brooklyn, N.Y. Elizabeth L. Conrow.(above Biography)
    3. Charles H. E. Pearsall born 1843 m. Georgianna_______.

      Ancestry taken from Clarence Pearsall Books, Volume III.

      Biography of Frank Pearsall taken from HISTORY and Commercial and Industrial
      Record of the County of Kings and The City of Brooklyn, N.Y., from 1683 to
      1884 by Henry R. Stiles, A.M., M.D., Editor-in-Chief. Vol. II, pg. 1167.


      Imperial photos
      G. F. E. Pearsall
      298 Fulton Street, Down Town

      Knarfographs, Phototgraphs, French Greys, Pastels, Crayons, Oil Paintings,

      Frank Pearsall has received ten medals and five U.S. letters patent have been granted for inventions in the photographic line.

      One of Frank Pearsall's photographs has sold for over $17,000!
      Robert Edward Auctions - 1906 Henry Chadwick Signed Cabinet Card Photograph Starting Bid - $1,500.00, Sold For - $17,250.00

      Baseball Legends of Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery
      By Peter J. Nash

      pg 110

      Frank Pearsall established himself as one of Brooklyn's premier artistic photographers of the e 19th century. He was also an avid van of the national fame and became close friends with Henry Chadwick. Over the years, Pearsall served as Chadwick's personal photographer and rendered portraits for the "father of the game" each year for his birthday, most of which graced the pages of the annual Spalding League Guide.

      Over time Frank and his brother Alva had taken Photos of many famous people


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