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Grover C. Pearsall
Grover C. Pearsall(1)

To start with law and thence to proceed to the light and power industry and to devote years of one's life to such eminently practical and educative pursuits amounts to an execptionally high training of the mind which would qualify the pupil who has satisfactorily passed this school to take a prominent place in almost any of the walks of life and departments of business.

Grover C. Pearsall, partner of the firm of Lister & Pearsall, automobile dealers in Rockville Centre, Long Island, embodies in his personality the strict, logical, firm character of the law, the brightness and expansiveness of light and power, and combines these qualities with the zest and the human touc of the young efficient American business man, who has attracted unto himself some of the bigness of mind and breadth of view of the extraordinary American citizen, who has nominated his firm agents for such an important and rapidly growing district as Rockville Centre. It is a remarkable fact that nearly half of all the motor vehicles sold in Rockville Centre in 1923 were Ford models, and Lister & Pearsall, distributors of the Ford and Lincoln cars, score the record. More than the general public realizes have Andrew S. Lister and Gover C. Pearsall aided in the development and introduction of motor vehicles in this section of New York State. They began in a humble way in a little shop on Front Street, in a garage opposite the Long Island Railroad station, in August, 1919. Today the splendidly equipped building on Merrick Road is an outstanding evidence of their achievements. The firm of Lister & Pearsall in less than five years has blazed the trail of Ford cars over practically every highway on Long Island. They soon outgrew the limits of the little shop on Front Street with a small showroom and parts development on Village Avenue, and their new building and home is the result of conscientious endeavor to please the public. In their present location, since July 1, 1922, Lister & Pearsall have speeded on over the pathway of business clientele which is perhaps without parallel in the history of motor vehicle distribution. In less than five years since they formed the partnership for the Front street shop they are the owners of their present location. Local residents view with interest the rise of Lister & Pearsall. They have seen the business expand and they see on the public highways the popular evidence of a most extensive crusading by the two indefatigable members of the firm to establish the Ford models in the hearts and affections of the motoring public.

There is no more solidly and completely equipped parts department in any showroom tha that of Lister & Pearsall. Assuming that the body is at hand, Lister & Pearsall, in their parts department, have parts to assemble a Ford car to the last detail. There is not a part to a Ford car which is ot obtainable through the Lister & Pearsall department, as that in other branches is of the most extraordinary and expert training. It should be stated that the parts department is a perfect pride to the members of the firm. They have built up a big clientele in this department and a satisfied patronage has become one of the firm's chief assets. A visit to the several operating departments in the big Lister & Pearsall Building is well worth the time of any motoring enthusiast. Already utilizing all the space in their new building, they have made plans for expansion which is inevitable. They own land o which they intend to build an addition. Before forming the present partnership with Mr. Pearsall, Mr. Lister was connected with the New York office of the Ford Motor Company, while Mr. Pearsall conducted a repair shop on Merrick Road.

Mr. Pearsall was born at Roslyn, Nassau County, November 5, 1884, as a son of Thomas E. and Ella L. Pearsall, and received his education in the public schools of his native place. After leaving school, he entered the law office of E. W. Denton, in 1891, and was later engaged with Mr. Haskin, in Hempstead, spending altogether about three years in law offices. He then accepted a position with the American Express Company, and subsequently with the Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Company, for three years. After this he worked for the Nassau Light and Power Company, and in 1908 with W. T. Hutcheson, automobile dealer, with whom he remained for two years until 1910, when he came to Rockville Centre to work with Ernest E. Bosca, and later with his brother, Herbert E. Pearsall. In 1914 Mr. Pearsall acquired the business and the present firm was founded. Since that year Andrew S. Lister and Grover C. Pearsall have had the Ford agency, covering Rockville Centre and vicinity, which claims their entire time and attention.

Mr. Pearsall is a very popular member of the community and has friends wherever he is known. He is a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 1253, and of the Rockville Country Club.

On January 25, 1916, Mr. Pearsall married Dorothy M. Bliss of Freeport, and they are the parents of two children: Dorothy, and Norman.


(2) The parents of Grover C. Pearsall are Ella Louise Pearsall b. February 23, 1856; married first, February 24, 1874, Thomas E. Pearsall. He was born December 25, 1825; died October 11, 1897. (Thomas was married first to Ruth A. Williams.)
Ella Louise Pearsall, was the daughter of Charles H. Pearsall, who died September 15, 1902; aged 72 years, 6 months and 19 days; married, December 26, 1850, Frances Newtown, who died May 3, 1871; aged 38 years and 5 days.

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2-Gover C. Pearsall can be found in Vol. III, pg. 1306 of the Pearsall Genealogy Books.

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