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Instructions for those who do not know how to use:

either print or save to make interactive- bring up the "programs" on your screen; under accessories- choose notepad or wordpad; when wordpad or notepad appears-click the 'minus' button. The 'word or notepad' will be at the bottom of your task bar. Press and hold the left button on you mouse and start at the top of the screen, at the same time roll your mouse down; you should see a blue line appear; continue to the end of the sheet. Then release the button on your mouse and go to 'Edit' on the top of your screen, click on it, and a menu will appear; click on 'copy'; then go down to your task bar at the bottom of your screen and click on the 'word or notepad' it should appear; then go to the 'edit' on the word or notepad screen; click on it and a menu will appear; click on 'paste' and there you have it.

Now you can work on the sheet. Or you can save it under'file' and save it to disk or the file of your chose. Do the same for the 'Source' sheet.

Hint: for different families; I use different color paper just to make it easier to identify.