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Latham Durland Pearsall

Latham Durland Pearsall is found in the Pearsall Family Books Vol.III; pg.1335-1336. If anyone reading this is related or knows of this family please contact me or the Pearsall-List@rootsweb. The following is the history of Latham's Family.

LATHAM DURLAND PEARSALL, born June 17, 1847; resided in Brooklyn, L.I., N.Y.; married, December 7, 1869, Eleanor Francenia Zabriskie, daughter of Thomas Zabriskie and his wife, Louise Cleveland. She was born May 7, 1850. She is descended from Albert Sobieski, son of a brother of James Sobieski, and cousin of King John III, of Poland, who like his nephew, was a famous soldier; he was born in Zolkiew, Poland, (or Enghsburg, Prussia), in 1638. He was given a liberal education, being sent by his father to Amsterdam, Holland, with the hope that he would take up the ministry as a profession. He directed his studies to that end for a time, but the preparation proved distateful; so he abandoned theology; and subsequently was pressed into the Prussian Army. To fight for the old enemy of Poland was far more distasteful, and he determined to seek his fortune in the New World and join his friends who had gone from the Upper Palatinate to New York, and made homes in New Amsterdam and New Jersey. He took passage in the Dutch ship D'Vos (the Fox), Captain Jacob Janz Huys, at Amsterdam, Holland, August 31, 1662, and landed in New York, where he lived for ten or more years without settling in any one place or engaging in any settled business. We find him in Bergen about the time of his marriage, which is registered in the books of the Dutch Reformed Church of Bergen, December 17, 1676, and the marriage certificat recorded as issued January 8, 1677. He married Matilda, daughter of Yoost Van der Linde. Upon his marriage he took title to a tract of land which he purchased of the Hackensack and Tappan Indians. He helped to organize the Church on the Green at Old Hackensack, in 1696, and was the leading member and supporter of that church for over twenty-five years. He was also the first justice of the peace of upper Bergen County. He died in Hackensack, September 11, 1711.


  1. James Zabriskie Pearsall, born November 6, 1870; died February, 1909.
  2. William Pearsall, born 1872; died same year.
  3. Latham Durland Pearsall, born February 8, 1873; died December 12, 1912. Latham Durland Pearsall, Jr., was a student of the early history of the family. For years he read everything he could find concerning the doings of the family in England, Normandy and Scandinavia. At the same time he gathered an accurate pedigree of his own branch of the family. Up to the time of his death he head gathered a large mass in disconnected notes, mostly references to the book and page of the works he had read. He was the only member of the American family of whom we have yet learned who had a fair comprehension of our early family history. He had started to write a book of the Pearsall history and genealogy, and his parents kindly lent us his voluminous notes.

    King John III of Poland

    The Palace in Wilanów,