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Descendants of Adam Mott
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Jacob3, Amos3, and Benjamin3, the third, fouth, and fifth sons of Charles2 Mott, all died before 1748 without issue.

Adam3, the sixth son of Charles2, was perhaps the same man that married Elizabeth Smith and lived at Cow Neck. He certainly was the father of Jacob4, David4, Jonathan4 and Mary Ann4, all alive in 1748 but nothing further is known of them.

John3, the seventh son of Charles2, was alive 1748 with two children, Mary Ann4 and Benjamin4, but nothing further is known of father or children. The fact that this Benjamin4 suggests the thought the Wilminton, N.C., Motts of to-day may be his descendants.

Adam2, the youngest son of Adam1 Mott, lived at Cow Neck. He mar. 1732 Phebe Willets and died Dec. 10, 1738. They were Friends. His two sons were Adam3 and Stephen3.

Adam3, older son of Adam2 Mott, born 10, 10, 1734, was of Cow Neck, (North) Hempstead, married 1755 Sarah Willis, and secondly, 1785, Abigail Batty. He died 12, 18, 1790. His two sons Adam4 and Samuel4 both left male issue> Adam4 , born (10) 11, 1762, mar 1785, Anne5, dau. of James Mott, of the Richbell2 Mott branch and died at Rochester 1839. Their children were James5, Sarah5, the wife of Silas Cornell, Mary W.5, the wife of Robert Hicks, Abigail L.5, wife of Lindley M. Moore, and Richard5. The eldest of these, James5, born 6, 20, 1788, married Lucretia Coffin, who was afterwards famous as a lecturer and preacher. Their son, Thomas6, of Radnor, near Philadelphia, is the oldest representative of the youngest branch of Adam1 Mott's family, and is without male issue. The youngest son of Adam4, Richard5, born July 21, 1804, removed to Toledo, where he became a prominent citizen, and died 1888 without male issue.

Samuel4, the younger son of Adam3, born 9, 29, 1773, married Catherine Appleby and lived at Cow Neck. He died in 1864. His issue were Leonard5, Thomas 5, the wife of Benjamin Willis, and Silas5. Leonard5, the oldest, born 1799, married Hannah C. Willis and died in 1866; his sons Edward6 and Samuel6 are of Port Washington. Thomas5, born 1801, died unmar. 1860. Silas5, the youngest of the family, born 4, 4, 1807, married Mary Willis, and died 1881, leaving an only son Thomas6, born 7, 24, 1845, mar. Martha Willets, and for many years has occupied the Old Mott homestead on the westshore of Hempstead Harbor.

Stephen3, the youngest child of Adam2, born (2) 1, 1736, was of Cow Neck. His wife was Amy Willis. He died 11, 11, 1813. His issue were Daniel4, Phebe4 , Mary4, Jane4, Abigail4, Stephen4 who died a child, and Henry4

Daniel4, the eldest, born 10, 10, 1763 married Amy Searing and died 1837, leaving a large family of children. Of his sons, Stephen5 was of Battle Creek, Mich., where his descendants still live, John5 was of the West with female issue only, and Joseph Prior5 was of Auburn, N.Y., father of Rev. William Lucas6 Mott of Modisto, Cal. Henry4, the youngest child of Stephen3, born 7, 17, 1782, married Temperance Hicks 1811, and died 8, 17, 1851, leaving three children, Adam5, (born 1813, died 1881, whose son George F.6 is of Brooklyn.)

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Benjamin5, who died childless in 1891, and Elizabeth5, the wife of Henry H. Barrow.

Among the many branches of the Motts that are not, as yet, to be connected, indisputably, with the parent stock is a large detachment descended from one John of Hempstead by his wife Rebecca. He was born as early as in 1685, and died 1750-1, at Hempstead. It is likely that he was the oldest son of John2. Proofof the connection should be carefully sought among the private records about Hempstead. His Will, proved 1751, furnishes the only authentic record of the family that has yet appeared. His children were John4, died in his father's life time, Samuel4, Jacob4, Sarah4, Martha4 , Jehu4, Rebecca4, Phebe4, and Micajah4.

Samuel4, b. 1712, married Hannah Wood, was of Hempstead, died 1780, leaving sons Richard5, Samuel5 and John5. Richard5 , born 1738, married Phebe__________ and died 1775, leaving one sone James6, of Westbury, the weaver, whose son James7 was the father of the present William K.8 of Glenwood Landing. Samuel5, the youngest son, born 1742, married Amy Raynor, was of Merricks and died 1793, had sons William6 of Merricks, Willet6, grocer of New York, Elijah6 of Merricks, Sanuel6, the Sheriff of Queens County, who died 1859. Joseph6 of Freeport (whose son Silvanus7 lately died at Freeport) and Benjamin6. John5, second son of Samuel4, born 1745, died 1824, married Abigail Hall. Their son John 6, born 1783, married Hannah Townsend and died 1848, leaving many descendants.

Jacob4, son of John3 and Rebecca, was of Bethpage, married Keziah Seaman, died about 1782. Of his children, Jacob S.5 was merchant of New York, and seems to have died 1820, leaving only two daughters. Samuel Nottingham5, the other son, married Phebe Gedney, was a merchant of New York and father of John Gedney6, whose son Lawrence Proudfoot7 died in New York 1897, leaving only son, the present Lewis Camp8 Mott of New York.

Jehu4, the next son of John and Rebecca, was born 9, 26, 1723, married Ruth Powell, was a Quaker Preacher, and died 1782, leaving two sons, John5 and Jehu5. John5, born 1750, was of Patchogue, died 1828, leaving many descendants who are to be found to-day in that vicinity. Jehu5, born 1756, came to New York, married Ruth Burtis, died 1801, and was the father of William Burtis6 Mott, Keeper at Blackwell's Island.

Micajah4,the youngest son of John and Rebecca, corn Mar. 23, 1735, was of Hempstead with wife Rachel. He died 1781, leaving three sons, Micajah5, Israel5, and John5. Micajah5 mar. 1785 Ann Flowers, and died probably not long before 1826, leaving sons William6, Oliver6, John6, and Israel 6, the last of whom left N.Y> in a schooner for Key West in Nov., 1834, and was never again heard from. Israel5, b. 1771, grocer of N.Y. and later of White Plains, married Charity Haviland and died in 1859, leaving sons William6, Solomon6, John6 , and Israel A.6 Of John5 nothing is learned.

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James4 Mott, call "Jr." and of Hempstead", was married at Huntington, Feb. 2, 1747-8, to Anna Rogers. His descendants assert that he was born on Long Island, Oct. 1723. He may have bee a grandson of John2 of Hempstead, through James3, who certainly was living in Hempstead (South) in 1727, and of whom we know nothing further. Or, he may have been a grandson of James2, whos son James3 was of Mamaroneck in 1728, and then disappears. James4 removed with his family about 1762 to Dutchess Co., in what is now Washington, and died there Oct., 1770. His issue were James5, b. 1750, John5, b. 1753, Jemima5, mar. Sylvester Sweet, Zebulon5, b. 1757, Anna5, mar. Stepehn Titus, Jesse5, b. 1762, Rhoda5, mar. Silas Haight, Samuel5, b. 1766, Martha5, mar. Joseph Doyes, and Deborah5, died young.

James5, b. 1750, mar. Mary Denton, and died in Dutchess Co. 1808, leaving sons Denton6, Hamilton6, Egbert Benson6, Barton6, and James6. The two older sons were living with their mother in Moreau, Saratoga Co., in 1825, removed to Penn., and subsequently to Calhoun Co. Michigan. Egbert B6 was of Indiana, the father of John Grenville7 Mott, now of Michigan City, Ind.

John5, b. 1753 mar. Jane Mabbett and removed in 1804 from Dutchess Co. to Bridgewater, Oneida Co., where he died 1833, having sons Joseph6, John6, and Parmenos6. Joseph6 mar. Susan Germond and died in Utica 1823, the father of four sons, and great grandfather of the present John Thomas9 Mott of Oswego. Samuel M.6 was of Pittsburg and Wellsville, Penn. John6 was of Oneida Co., mar. Eliza Williams and died 1874, the father of six sons. Parmenos6 mar. Olive Rhodes and died 1860 at Utica.

Zebulon5, b. 1757, early settled in Half Moon, Saratoga Co., where he was Supervisor in 1801, and always prominent in public affairs. He mar. Rebecca Smith and died 1842, the father of James6, Thomas S.6, William6, and John6. Of these James6, the eldest was of Moreau, mar. Anstis Merritt, and left a large family. Thomas S.6 was of Half Moon, mar. Jane Gates, and was the father of Samuel R. 7 of Bouckville, and John Owen7 Mott, the late magistrate of New York City.

Jesse5, b. 1762, was of Saratoga, a Justice, Supervisor, and Member of Assembly, mar. Amy West and had sons John Rogers6, James6, Jesse6, Samuel J.6, and Lafayette6. John Rogers6, the eldest, died at Schuylerville 1856, leaving issue. James6 lived and died in Saratoga, leaving issue. Jesse6 was of Saratoga, died 1845. Samuel J.6, mar. Amelia Wright, was of Saratoga, and had sons William Henry7 and Jesse Shepard7 of Saratoga Springs. Lafayette6 mar. Mary A. Weston, died in Saratoga 1872, the father of several sons.

Samuel5, b. 1766, the only son of James4 who remained in Dutchess Co., was of Washington, a school teacher, and the editor of Mott's Almanac. He was living as late as 1830, but I have learned nothing of his family.