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"Abstracts of Wills for Queens County New York 1787-1850"
1937 Complied and Edited by Ray C. Sawyer

Abstracts of Wills for Queens County - New York
From 1787 - 1813

Adam Mott of North Hempstead
Will dated March 24, 1790. Probated April 20, 1791
Heirs: Wife, daughter Lydia; sons, Adam and Samuel
Executors: Brother, Stephen; son, Adam; brother-in-law,
Fry Willis.
Witnesses: John Searing, Samuel Wood and Eve Burling.

pg. 78
Samuel Mott of Hempstead. Yeoman.
Will dated April 28, 1805. Probated May 28, 1805.
Heirs: Wife, Deborah; sons, - Samuel, John and Joseph; daughter, - Abegil, Rebeckah and Cattrem. Executors: Mikah Pettitt and John Mott
Witnesses: Benjamin Cornell, Sammis Mott and Sylvester Smith.

pg. 81
Jacob Mott of Oyster Bay. Yeoman
Will dated August 23, 1803. Probated November 18, 1805.

Heirs: Grandson, William Laurence and grand daughters, Marian and Deborah, children of daughter, Ruth, deceased; grand daughter, Abigail Carpenter, wife of Morris; grand daughter, Phebe Mott, daughter of son, Joseph, deceased; Daughter, Mariam Birdsall, wife of Benjamin and their son, Benjamin Mott Birdsall; son, Jacob; Ramson Burtis; son, Jackson; grand daughter, Abigail Kirby, wife of Isaac and daughter of son, Richard; son, Richard and his other children, - Phebe Mott and Elisha Mott; Elizabeth Smith of Poughkeepsie, widow of Samuel; grandsons, Jacob and Joseph Mott; grand children, children of son, Isaac Mott, deceased- Samuel, Jordan, Jacob Mott and Jereishe Streback, wife of George.
Executors: Richard Townsend, son of Timothy; kin, John M. Smith
Witnesses: John Thomas, Charles Kissam, and Jno. K. Townsend.
Letters of Administration granted November 18, 1805 to Jacob C. Mott of New York City.

Benjamin Mott of Hempstead. Yeoman
Will dated December 13, 1805. Probated January 10, 1806.
Heirs: Wife, Mary; sons, Smith, William and Benjamin; daughters, Phebe, Elizabeth, Milly, Filenor and Mary.
Executors: William Mott and Richard Bedell
Witnesses: John Johnson, Archibald Langdon and Joseph Mott.

Abstract of Wills
Queens County - New York
For 1813 - 1828

pg. 33
Noah Mott of Buckram, township of Oyster Bay.
Will dated May 10, 1804. Probated June 14, 1817.

Heirs: Sister, Sarah Hauxhurst and her daughters, - Hannah and Sarah Hauxhurst, Juner.
Executors: Two friends, Townsend Hewlett and Isaac Smith
Witnesses: Isaac Smith and Henry Cock.

Elkanah Mott of the town of Hempstead
Will dated February 10, 1822. Probated August 14, 1822

Heirs: Wife, Deborah; brother Richbill; sister, Elisabeth and Ann; sister Salie's children.
Executors: Friends, Daniel Mott and Henry Hewlett
Witnesses: John Cornell, Richard and Edmund Hicks

Stephen Mott of Cow Neck.
Will dated March 22, 1813. Probated June 12, 1826.

Heirs: Wife, Amey; sons Henry and Daniel
Executors: Son, Henry and nephew, Samuel Mott and brother-in-law, Edmund Willis
Witnesses: William, Maria, and Thomas Dodge

Amey Mott of Cow neck, wdow of Stephen Mott.
Will dated Occtober 3, 1817. probated June 12, 1823

Heirs: Sons, Henry and Daniel; daughters-in-law, Amey Mott and Temperance Mott; grand daughters, daughters of son, Daniel, - Mary, Abigail, Pgebe and Lydia; grandson, Adam, son of son, Henry; grand daughter, Jane Mott; grandson, Stephen Mott.
Executors: Son, Henry and nephew, Samuel Mott
Witnesses: Phebe Wood, Catharine and Leonard Mott.

pg. 125
Jacob Mott of North Hempstead
Will dated August 7, 1820. Probated August 25, 1828.

Heirs: Wife; sons, - James, joseph, Caleb, Benjamin and Jacob; daughters, - Miriam Carpenter, Mary Boere(?)m and Abby Townsend and Elizabeth Kissam.
Executors: Sons, Joseph, Benjamin and Jacob and brother-in-law, Caleb Coles
witnesses James Hegeman, John Searing Carpenter and Samuel Padget, Junr.

1787- 1813

Motts in Related family Wills:
Samuel Way of New Town. Yeoman
Will dated February 24, 1797. Probated January 8, 1799.
Heirs: Wife, Mary; daughter, Jane Mott; grandsons, Way and Valentine Mott; grand daughters, - Easther, Elizabeth and Mary Mott.
Executers: Tobe Hubbs, Henry Mott, and Valentine Williams.
Witnesses: James Roche, John Way and Jeronimus Rapelje.

pg. 124
Joseph Raynor of Hempstead.
Will dated April 10, 1808. Probated March 10, 1813.

Heirs: Wife, Elizabeth; sons, Benjamin, William and Thomas; daughters, Amy Mott, Phebe Ellison, Rebeccah and Salle Allen.
Executors: Son, William; Elijah Raynor.
Witnesses: Stephen Carman; Ruth and Pheby Raynor.

1813 - 1828

John Whitson of Bethpage, in the township of Oyster Bay.
Will dated April 8, 1780. Probated May 19, 1814.

Heirs: Daughters, - Rahcel Mott, Phebe Powell (eldest)
Ruth (3rd) and Martha; eight sons, - Jacob, Silas, John, Elplet,
Richard, Nathaniel, Isaac and Zebulon.
Executors: Cousin, Henry Whitson and friend, John Powell, both of Bethpage.
Witnesses: Thomas, Ann and Sarah Pearsall

Thomas Mitchel of Oyster Bay.
Will dated July 10, 1815. Probated July 29, 1815.

Heirs: Wife, Dorothy; six children, - daughters- Dorithy, Charity Mott and Sarah, daughter of Moriah Mitchel; sons, Adrian, Andres and Thomas.
Executors: Wife, Uncle Isaac Nostran of Oyster Bay and friend, Charles Colyer of Huntington.
Witnesses: Morris M. Rogers, William and Samuel Van Velsor.

Charles Frost of Wheatly, township of Oyster Bay.
Will dated 1819. Probated March 27, 1820

Heirs: Three daughters - Mary Frost, Phebe Titus and Sarah Mott; sons Charles, William and Stephen; grandson, Isaac Frost; daughter, Jamime's children.
Executors: Friend, Timmothy Titus and nephew, Isaac Downing, also Emund Frost
Witnesses: Stephen, Thomas and Townsend Rushmore.

Benjamim Cornwell of Hempstead.
Will dated June 6, 1821. Probated June 23, 1821.

Heirs: wife, Abigail; granson, William E.B.C.Lockwood; Peter Smith, Eleanar Smith, Margaret Tyler, wife of Joseph Tyler and Benjamin Mott, son of David Mott.
Executors: Wife, Cornelius Vanwyck and Edmond Hicks
Witness: John Mott, Daniel Hewlett nd John Carnasay, Junr.

Joseph Raynor of Hempstead
Will dated April 4, 1808. Probated April 4, 1826

Heirs: Wife Elisabeth; sons, Thomas, William, John, Joseph, and Benjamin; daughters, - Amy Mott, Phebe Ellison, Betsee Smith Rock and Rebecca Raynor, also Sally Allen.
Executors: Son, William Rayner and Elijah Raynor.
Witnesses: Stephen Charman, Ruth and Phebe Raynor

Walter Jones of Oyster Bay
Will dated April 28, 1828. Probated June 21, 1828.

Heirs: Wife, Phebe; son, William Townsend Jones; daughters, Mary, Sarah, Phebe and Abigail; Mary Esther, daughter of James and Abigail Mott. William H. and John H. Jones. (Mentions late father as William Jones.
Executors: Son, William Townsend Jones and David W. Jones
Witnesses: Charles H. and Phebe Jones and Lucius Kellogg