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Henry Mott married Henrietta Harvey; marriage date unknown.


1-Henry Mott b. abt.1831; See below
2-Lucy Mott b. abt. 1832
3-Henrietta Mott b. unknown married Robert H. Pearsall, November 13, 1859
4-Thomas Mott b unknown; married Ann--?

5-Sarah J. Mott b. February 29, 1836; married Thomas Pearsall
6-Amanda Mott b. abt. 1845
7-Josephine Mott b. abt. 1845
8-Adelia Mott b. abt. 1846
9-Hannah Mott b abt. 1849
10-George H. Mott b. abt. 1855
11-Sydam? Calvin Mott b. abt 1859
12-Josephine Mott b. abt. 1845

Henry Mott(2) b. abt 1831, Rockaway, Long Island, NY;
married Harriet {Henrietta} Willets, January 1849 (Earderley Notes) died, November 1875 crossing railroad in Pearsalls. (source: South Side Observer}
1-Catherine Anne Mott b. November 21, 1849(Earderley Notes)
Married Ralph R. Pearsall
2-Jane Mott abt 1851
3-Louisa Mott abt 1854
4-Thomas H. Mott abt 1857
5-Charlotte Mott b. abt 1860
6-Calvin Mott b. abt 1862
7-George W. Mott abt 1867
8-Hattie Mott abt. 1869 married Zophar Pearsall
1-Mabel Pearsall b. abt 1888 married William George Children:
1-Mildred D. George abt. 1907
2-Harold George abt. 1908

2-Nellie Pearsall
3-Thomas Henry Pearsall b. December 29, 1892

9-Abram Mott abt 1872
10-Elgee Mott abt. 1874

Sources: Most of the information that I collected was from census records. Some marriages came from Peg Nelson; LDS; I also have death certificates. Other information came from old newspapers that I read such as Queens Sentinel, South Side Observer and the Brooklyn Eagle.

There may be some errors here. If you are related to this family or have other information please contact me.
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