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The Once a Week
February 17, 1876
Keeler Brothers
Editors and Publishers

R. F. Peck, Local Editor.

We are sorry to learn that David Weyant, son of Frank H. Weyant, has the hip disease, but pleased to know that it is being successfully treated by New York physicians....Mr. W. P. Long is visiting friends in Washington, D.C....Mr. Beexman was recently tendered a surprise by a number of his N.Y. friends...A lecture by the principal of Nannet Academy, N.Y., is soon to be given before the pupils of the public school...The new grocery store under the supervision of Mr. Albro, is now open.....The Post Office is removed to the store of Mr. Albro....Mr. West, of Plymoth Church, occupied the pulpit of the First Methodist Church last Sabbath morning, and Mr. Gilbert Combs, of Rockaway, in the evening....... Messrs C. C. Cokefair and Daniel Jhones were recently elected members of the board of trustees of the First Methodist Church----N.B. A good dinner served in 'New York style,' was the result of said election...The Lycoum meetings were hailed with joy because they afford any amount of harmless amusement....Prof. Black says the 'Observer' is presumptuous in its statement concerning his founding an Academy for boys....Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hewlett have returned from their bridal tour and receive the hearty congratulations of their many friends, may they enjoy all comforts and blessings that earthly life affords. .....The First Methodist Church Soc. is obliged to enlarge the hall in which they worship, by removing a partition which gives them nearly twice the room recently occupied, the society has long seen the demand for this as the present space does not accommodate the Sunday School, besides being uncomfortably crowded at services--especially in the evening....One of the most pleasant affairs of recent date, took place Thursday evening Jan. 27th, under the caption of a 'surprise' to Miss Jennie Fowls, though the evening was mantled in darkness, and mud lined the sidewalks, still a goodly number beside the 'Merry 18' greeted Miss Jennie, and met with warm reception, the evening was spent very pleasantly, some excellent musical talent from N.Y. furnished music for the occasion. We congratulate Miss Jennie on being the first of the 'Merry 18' to be surprised. Advising them to 'keep good hours' we hope they may have many merry days as well as merry hours.


O. S. Pettit, Local Editor.

Our place is blessed with numberous traveling visitors, who tread upon its sacred and Christianised soil, passing each day, perhaps to attend services on Barnum, or better known as Hog Island. The officers of the County not feeling willing to allow four pounds of meat, seven of flour, and one peck of spuds perdicum to each illustrious stranger, find willing ears among the noted 'Charitable Aid Societies'. for the prevention of cruelty to (c)animals, they telling their pitiful (?) stories about not faring well, &c. Why did they leave the 'raging canawl' and rush for Queens Co? Why is it that the more than humane societies do not take them in their own domiciles, it would save lots of long winded newspaper articles.

Dick DeMott, better known as 'Hummocks,' was drowned in the gale Wed. last, off Egg Harbor. He was well known here, and many lament (?) his untimely end.


Valley Stream

A new yacht is under headway, being built by Joseph Mott and James Pagan. She is to be eighteen feet in length, and eight feet beam.

A scandalous affair took place Sunday evening at the little chapel in this place. A number of roughs from a place called "Kent" headed by an idiotic fellow by name, Covert Watts, who has by the way created considerable comment at East Rockaway by a recent horse junketing affair. This fellow of base designs, encouraged by a crowd of ruffians outside succeeded in bringing the services to a premature close by his persistency in loud and boisterous exhortation and uncalled for singing. The sneaking ruffians outside thought it terrible amusing, so joined in the din until the whole neighborhood was aroused. A good horse whipping and 3 or 4 months in jail would be very light punishment for these offencers of the peace--and if this Covert Watts cannot be kept in a state of respectability by daily intercourse with reputable people, it's about time he was compelled to vacate the county.


Patronize our new milkman and get good fresh and pure milk delivered at your door for 7 cents a quart. Orders left with Mr. Chas. Maler will meet with prompt attention.

Another land mark gone. The old building formerly used by Dikeman, the carriage maker, was blown down, and now Mr. Lewis Langdon is removing the debris. We understand that a protion of the materal is to be used by Mr. Hamilton Pearsall in the erection of anothe building.

Mr. Smith Doxesy is now sexton of the First Methodist Church. Mr. D. held the same postion several years ago, and no doubt he will discharge the numerous duties attendant upon the position as satisfactory now, as then.

Mr. Samuel Welling has purchased Mrs. G. A. Mott's fancy goods store, and is fitting it up with first-class goods of every description. By the way, Mr. Welling is a brother of the editor and proprietor of the Jamaica Standard . Our readers will probably see his new announcement next week.

We were happily and very unexpectedly surpised last evening when we returned to our office after an hours absence, to find a good half-bushel of large beautiful bi-valves awaiting us. For this acceptable present, we have the pleasure of thanking Mr. Oliver Brower, of Grassy Pond.

Mr. Davison Langdon has leased for a term of years the coal and wood yard occupied by D.V.Horton. Mr. Langdon is an enterprising young man, and intends to keep this place up in first-class style. Coal, wood, flour, and feed, can be purchased of him at the lowest market price. Give him your patronage and in that way support one more acquistion to our rapidly growing village. He takes charge March 1st.

For Public School No. 21 (Rockville Centre) for the week ending Feb. 11, 1876:
Intermediate Department:
  1. Charles H. Hendrickson
  2. Sarah Robinson
  3. Iola L. Robinson
  4. Bessie Weeks
  5. Maoul Vandewater
  6. Mamie M. Kessler
  7. Carrie E. Spender
  8. Irving S. Cozine
  9. Ernest D. Kessler
  10. Lizzie Smith
  11. Clarence Dillingham
Primary Department
  1. William Smith
  2. Arender E. Smith
  3. Minnie Shelley
John H. Reed, Principal


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