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???Mystery Pictures???
Recognize anyone?*
Photos by Lee B. Pearsall

Picture #1 is of Daniel A Pearsall
We have more than one Daniel A (Daniel A and Daniel Augustus) and several Daniel's.

Picture #2 is of W.H. Pearsall-perhaps.
They had writing is very floral and it could be W.N., N.N., N.H., M.N., or M.H. The writing is in ink. There is a date of Dec 1868 written in pencil. Both the name and date are on the back. This is the one that has the photographer's stamp on the back which says "Hall, photographer, Main Street, Trumansburgh, NY".

Picture #3 is of Thomas Pearsall-perhaps.
My grandmother wrote on the front "Thomas Pearsall old 1837-1935" in fountain pen ink. On the back is written Thomas Pearsall and Thomas Searington. Those two names were written on two lines in very light pencil. On the first line was their first names
"Thomas" "Thomas". On the second line were their last names
"Pearsall" "Searington". In effect, it was like this:
Thomas Thomas
Pearsall Searington

It also has the photographer's stamp which said: Y(?). S. Woodbrindge,Photographer, Hempstead, Long Island. The (Y?) would have been clear except that there is a stain over it.

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edited by Linda Pearsall Harvey
page created March 09, 2000