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Been searching awhile and not getting anywhere trying to find that certai n ancestor? Hit a brick leads..nothing? Well maybe there's hope here. This page is being reserved for that missing Pearsall/Piersol person in your past.
If you would like to post your 'certain somebody' here, here's what to do. e-mail me the name, dates (estimates will do), county, state and try to add as much information as you can, ex. other relatives, sisters, brothers. Once I receive your e-mail I will put it on this page. Someone may recognize that person you're seeking.
To place your post here just e-mail me Linda in the subject line type 'Most Wanted'. When I receive your e-mail; I will then post it on this page. You must also have an e-mail address that I can included in case anyone would like to contact you. Thanks.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: If you have a post here on "Most Wanted" and have a change of e-mail address; please notify me. All posts that have e-mail addresses that are returned to me "no such address" by the mail- demon will be DELETED. Thank you.

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Susan Pearsall
E-Mail: Susan

WILLIAM WALLACE PEARSALL was my great-grandfather and had 3 sons. My grandfather Delamater, Franklin and William Wallace. Delamater Pearsall had one son Stanley, who was born Oct. 19, 1913 and died March 14, 1999. Stanley Pearsall was born in Brooklyn and raised in Glendale with his grandmother Susan Furhman Pearsall. Wallace had no children and Franklin may have had 2 daughters. Franklin children may have moved somewhere out west.

Sue Bowman
E-Mail: Sue
Seeking the ancestry of Ruth PIERSOL d aft. 1840 Allegheny Co., Pa. m Tobias STILLEY [1766-1857]. Their daughter Rachel STILLEY m Jacob Scudder PIERSOL.

Brian Bowers
E-Mail: Brian
BENJAMIN PEARSALL. According to Clarence Pearsall's "History and Genealogy of the Pearsall Family in England and America Vol. Ill," page 1443 and 1444, Benjamin was the son of Job Pearsall. Probably born in 1730s. Died c. 1774 in Indian raid during Lord Dunmore's War. Children were John, Sampson, Benjamin and Samuel. My second-most-wanted Pearsall would be the same as Sue Bowman's (Ruth Peirsol, who married Tobias Stilley in the late 1700s).


Donald Good
E-Mail: Donald
GEORGE PIERSOL. Seeking the ancestry of George Piersol born abt. 1811 in North Sewickley Twnshp., Beaver Co., PA. He married Susannah Barris on Nov 7, 1833 in Beaver Co., PA. She was born abt. 1819. They had the following children: Melissa b. 1836, Jacob b. 1837, Joshua b. 1838, Lucy Ann b. 1840, Susanna b. 1842, Savage b. 1845 and Nancy b. 1847. All the children were born in North Sewickley, Beaver Co., PA. Their is a reference to the Barris family on pg 1452 of vol. 3 of Pearsall book.


Looking for Harry Daniel Pearsall born in New York December 1855. Was a traveling salesman. Said his parents were French Canadian. Found him in 1889-1890 in Binghamton, New York. Then 1891-1892 in Saginaw, Michigan. Came to Toledo, Ohio in 1894. Died in 1912. May have had a daughter Myrtle Eleanor Pearsall born 1888. A real mystery for me. Have never been able to find out anything about him. Any help is appreciated.


My family Cline family tree and my Rockwell family tree list: Jeanette Louise Rockwell(1837-1929), dau. of Louise Marie Pearsall (of Bloomfield,Mi.) and John Adams Rockwell . m. John A Cline. I have no parents for Louise Marie Pearsall. In a Marriage Return at Rochester,Mi. Library, shes listed as "Prassell" by mistake. Marriage date 1-1-1832. Son-Edward J Rockwell 1844-1898. His son Kleber Pearsall Rockwell was a Circuit Judge in Oakland County,Mi. Thanks


Richard D. Pearsall
I am looking for any information on Jacob Pearsall. He at one time lived in Ohio, and moved to Iowa. He homesteaded in Troy, Iowa in ,1846. He had seven children one of the children's name was Calvin. He died and was buried in Troy, Iowa. I think his wife was Elizabeth Crossett, she was adopted right after she was born. Her parents came from Germany, they both died in Ohio. Elizabeth had one older brother. Elizabeth died and was buried in Troy, Iowa also. I don't know anymore, but really would appreciate any help you can give. You can feel free to e-mail me with any info at
My grandfather, Robert James Pearsall. Died in 1948 at Aberdeen, Washington. Long-time resident of Tacoma, Washington, and previously of Berkeley and San Francisco, California. Served in the U.S. Marine Corps in China, circa 1910. Stated on his marriage certificate (California, 1918), that he was the son of O.A. Pearsall and Margaret Ramsey, natives of Michigan. Believed by his family to have been born in Michigan in 1885, possibly in or near town of Port Huron, but no birth certificate for him has been located in Michigan state records between 1884-86. Any information on his birth, family, or the identity of "O.A. Pearsall" would be appreciated. (He is not the same as another Robert James Pearsall who is found in v.3 of "cousin Clarence's" book.) E-mail is
Found on the 1900 Census for Leroy Township, Benton,Iowa The Census shows My grandfather HENRY WALTER PEARSALL, my grandmother ROSA E. TRACY, my father JESSE IVAN PEARSALL and my aunt OLIVE J. PEARSALL. She was born September 1894. This is all the information I have on her.

I am Danielle Jeane Johnson, third daughter of Nancy Sharon Pearsall-Johnson, who is the sixth child of Harold Pearsall, son of Floyd Ugene Pearsall. I am unsure if Floyd was one of Thomas Henry and Catherine Coniver Pearsall's children or grand children, for I do not know Floyd's father's name. I have an accounting of the family line from a Florence Pearsall Bryant, as told to Morris W. Pearsall shortly before her death in 1956. The last page is missing, and it has my great grandfather's connection to all of this. Please help connect me and my family to our ancestors.
Thank You

Who was Gulielmo Pearsall who married Anna Dingee?
Gulielmo Pearsall married Anna Dingee and had a daughter Anna bapt. 20 Feb 1799 St. Peters Church NYC NY. Anna Dingee is not a direct ancestor but suspect was a daughter of my ancestor. The Dingee family was also out of Westbury, LI New York. Have found no trace of anyone named Gulielmo Pearsall. On the exact spelling "off "on the IGI, all that came up was "William" Pearsall. I have followed leads for 20 years.
E-MAIL: Carol N. Shoemaker
I am going to a Baldwin High School reunion in September. Since I moved from Baldwin in 1957 I've had a pretty hard time finding my relatives. According to an application for Social Security that my grandfather filed, he was the son of Stephen William Morse and Hannah Jane Pearsall. I will be on Long Island in a few weeks and I'd love to know more about Hannah Jane Pearsall. Does anyone have any information about Hannah and Mr. Morse?
Thank you so much.
E-MAIL:jeri hart
Maurice Edger Pearsall; born July 1904; from Brooklyn ,N.Y. Father Charles; Mother Sara. raised in orphanage in Brooklyn <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>><><><><><><><><>
Looking for Eudy Pershall-Trammell, known to be alive in mid-1880's, was about 4-5 years old. Had a brother William Sherman Trammell. Mother's name: Susan Elizabeth Pershall (half-Indian), second "wife" to Jarrett Henderson Trammell. Moved from Arkansas to Oklahoma amd Kansas. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>><><><><><><><><>
Jacob Pearsall b 7-19-1814Columbus, Ohio d 3-20-1889 Davis County, Iowa Married Elizabeth Crossit 11-4-1841 in Columbus, Ohio. They had 10 children John William, Martha Ann, Melvina, Benjamin, Irwin E, Edward C, Minerva, Calvin Taylor, Mary Jane, Charles Augusta. What I need is for sure who Jacob's parents were. I have they were Benjamin Pearsall B? in Pennsylvania d? Married? to Isabella Mills b? where? d? They had 7 children I think, Jacob, Mary Jane, Female, Phebe Jane, Job, Benjamin, Andrew. I would like to find more information on this family. Thank you for your help

January, 2004

My Grandfather Edward Pershall (Purcell) b.1854 may be in TN. 1900 Census. in St. Louis, Mo. until 1906 was last report I could find of him. Had a daughter from another marriage b. about 187? Married Clara Miller around 1892 had two children Earline 1897- Harry Walter 1899. Edward was a Barber by trade & worked in the Southern Hotel as head Barber. Felt Harry Walter was named after his fathers family as the Miller's had no such names in their family. He used Earl and D with his name at times, plus he used Purcell often so I have to work with both names in searching him. He liked to hang out around the railroad yards and might of worked there at one time. Short man , blue eyes and drank and that's all I have to work on. Any help even a little bit close.

March, 2004
E-MAIL:Jeff Baker

Looking for Harry Daniel Pearsall born in New York December 1855. Was a traveling salesman. Said his parents were French Canadian. Found him in 1889-1890 in Binghamton, New York. Then 1891-1892 in Saginaw, Michigan. Came to Toledo, Ohio in 1894. Died in 1912. May have had a daughter Myrtle Eleanor Pearsall born 1888. May have had a wife, Catherine McLean. A real mystery for me. Have never been able to find out anything about him. Any help is appreciated.

March, 2004
E-MAIL:Lori Kunz

Looking for parents of James or Elizabeth Pearsall. My best lead to date is that he is the son of William Pearsall (son of Benjamin Pearsall)and unknown.

Pearsall, James b:1825
�.Elizabeth b:1825
��..Francis b:1860
��..Mary E b:1857
��..Emma J b:1855-6 married in 1880 to Edw.. Baldwin b:1858
����.Baldwin, Herbert
����.Baldwin, Arthur
����.Baldwin, Flora (my great-great-grandmother)
����.Baldwin, Eva
����.Baldwin, Frank
����.Baldwin, Fred
����.Baldwin, Harold
���James D b:1855-6 (possibly a twin of Emma)
���Howard b:1858
���Ida b:1864

All residing in Huntington/Oyster Bay/Farmingdale, Long Island, NY
Many thanks

March, 2004
E-MAIL:Darren & Denise Wilson
William John PEARSALL, Sr. was my great-grandfather. He was born October 01, 1888 and died in 1959. He was buried in Victoria, British Columbia Canada His wife was Blanch Louise BIRD born September 07, 1881 and died 1965. She too was buried in Victoria British Columbia Canada. I have some information on his children and his wife, but nothing on his parents.
Thank You
March, 2004

I'm researching a Quaker ancestor of mine named Phebe Pearsall, born 1749 or 1750 in Woodbridge, NJ (or perhaps Piscataway or Hempstead, LI). I believe (though I can not yeat prove) that she is the daughter of Samuel Pearsall of Hempstead, who moved to Piscataway sometime before 1749 (possible date) and was the son of Thomas Pearsall (1659) and Mary Seaman (1664), all Quakers from Heampstead. She married Robert FitzRandolph in 1768. and was the mother of a whole bunch of FitzRandolphs who settled in Nova Scotia after the Revolution. Would you possibly have any sources that link this Phebe Pearsall with the Samuel Pearsall of Hempstead and Piscataway? If so, I would be most appreciative to see it. thanks so much.
March, 2004
E-MAIL Carol Money

One of my Great Grandmother's was Sarah Elizabeth Pearsall, born in East Meadow, Long Island on July 1, 1844. She married my Great Grandfather, William HenryHomer, on May 9th 1865 in New York City. They came back to East Meadow where their first child, William Frederick Homer, was born on July 28, 1865. Shortly after that they moved to California where the rest of their children were born. I have found census records of their family in the 1880 and 1890 censuses. I sent to the town clerk of Hempstead for the birth records. The town clerk referred me to New York City where I was told that there were no records kep until 1880. The only other thing that I know is the fact that my grandmother, Sarah Elizabeths daughter gave her mothers maiden name as Seaman.

I have a vague remembrance of my Aunt Mabel telling me that her grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth, had been raised by someone other than her parents. Perhaps her mother was a Seaman and that they helped raise her daughters. That would explain why my grandmother thought her mother's maiden name was Seaman. I have the wedding certificate and page from the family bible, and she is Sarah Pearsall in both. I hope that maybe there are some church records or records somewhere that will help me solve this mystery.

If anyone else has any information, I would appreciate the help.


October, 2004
E-MAIL Gene Lewis

I'm looking for anything about a Don Pearsall who worked for the Standard Oil Company of Indiana, circa 1946 in Des Moines, Iowa. He and I and "Hank" Wilson were coworkers at the shipping depot on East 5th and Market for several months. Don became Manager of the Standard Oil Denver Division, as I understand it, in the mid- or late 50s. He was a great guy; huge; incredibly strong; simply a very genuine person.

Gene Lewis, Santa Maria, California.


November, 2004
E-MAIL Elsie

I�m looking for the parents of Nathaniel Pearsall, 2/23/1850-4/12/1937. Nathaniel was married to Mary Ann Smith, 6/28/1851-12/23/1926. Nathaniel had a sister Susan, brother David (died 6/21/1883) and possibly two more sisters. Nathaniel and Mary Ann had 3 children, Sarah Jane, John, and David Edgar (my grandfather) and one adopted daughter, Mary Lillian, 2/13/1874-6/22/1931. They lived in Rockville Centre, LI, New York.


November, 2004
E-MAIL Phyllis Stewart

Looking for Arthur Henry Pearsall, born Middlesex, England 1885/6. He married Marion Spence in New Zealand in 1915. They divorced in the late 1920s and we have no knowledge of him after that. He does not appear to have died in new Zealand.


January, 2006
E-MAIL Charlie Persall

I am looking for information on my great grandfather John W. Persall born in New York about 1806 and he died in Newton County, GA in 1874. Records indicate that he migrated to Georgia around 1830. He started a cotton mill business with Noel Phillips his brother-in-law. He married Elizabeth Stewart about 1836. She was born in 1812. They had six children and one of them John W. Persall Jr. was born in Maryland. he others were born in Georgia. This indicates he moved to Maryland and then back to Georgia. I am very interested in his ancestors and where they came from. I think they came from Ireland.